Thursday, May 05, 2005

Italian Alliance In Iraq Not Worth the Headache

Berlusconi renews support for US

‘But Mr. Berlusconi said Italy remained Washington's close friend and ally.’

‘Many "dark areas" in the sequence of events remained, he said, pledging full government co-operation with Italy's own ongoing criminal investigation.’

These two statements are not compatible.

"If you change the rules then, implicitly, you admit that the previous rules were not working," he said.

Um, no you don’t. It means you are accounting for out of control automobiles that are carrying crazy Communist journalists.

'Opposition leader Piero Fassino said that the US should now formally apologise.'

No way, no how, no chance, not gonna do it. Apologizing is admitting guilt. Our soldiers are not guilty. How about an apology for encouraging terrorists to take hostages. Or perhaps one for running up on a roadblock at 60mph. How about an apology for trashing our country on the international stage.

This case is really beginning to aggravate me. The Italians have backed off of the conspiracy theory to point, but always leave that door a little open so the real fruitcakes can rant and Italian TV can make a movie about it. However, now that the official Italian Government position is that the whole thing was an accident, I really don’t understand what the point is.

Just leave. The Italian presence in Iraq has become baggage. At this point, we just don’t need the headache that comes with this ally.