Friday, April 29, 2005

The Philippines and Terrorism

The Philippines has long been an example of how not to run a country. The systemic corruption has all but destroyed a country of hard working and, despite it all, good natured people. As I have stated in the past, the United States bears a special responsibility for the problems there, as it was the US that colonized the country and ushered in the era of thugery and corruption that plagues it today. But now, an old concern is growing.

Anti-U.S. Terror Threat Grows in Philippines

After his arrest, Baharan told authorities he took scuba lessons so that he could learn to attach explosives to the hull of a ship.

his orders came from someone outside the Philippines who spoke Arabic.

"All I know is, they hate America," Baharan said of his superiors.


"In many ways, Mindanao, if it's not paid attention to ... if we don't focus … it could turn into another Afghanistan," said Joe Mussomeli, charge d'affairs at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines.

The people of the Philippines had better get over their fear of re-colonization as their own military cannot protect the territorial integrity of the country. What this article does not talk about is the collapse of the economy. People are getting hungry. Hungry people, at least among the non-Catholic minorities, make for willing and eager terror recruits.

"We're all fighting all over the world," … "All of us are doing this for one reason: for Islam."

The Philippines is not going to ask for US help in any form other than monetary. It is up to American leaders to bring pressure on the Philippines while offering assistance. That is, more pressure than is currently being applied. A couple of anti-terror task forces aren’t going to do the job. And the Filipino military is in no position to do anything about it.

"We don't have a good maritime operation; the navy is helpless. The air force is nothing. We have the air, but we don't have the force,"

Military and counter-terrorism spending in the Philippines by the United States is now approaching $100 million per year.

Obviously this approach has not worked, and more money is not going to work. We are no longer dealing with a few Communist guerilla factions hidden in the jungle. It is going to take boots on the ground, most likely American boots. I know most of us don’t have the stomach for more US military action. I, however, don’t have a desire to witness another 911.

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