Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What a Joker

Air America’s Year of Decline

The new Arbitron figures for Winter 2005, which covers January, February, and March, show that WLIB, the station which carries Air America in New York, won a 1.2-percent share of all listeners 12 years and older. That is down one tenth of one point from the station's 1.3 rating in Winter 2004, the last period when it aired its old format of Caribbean music and talk.

Between the hours of 10 A.M. and 3 P.M., for example, the daypart that includes Al Franken's program, Air America drew a 1.4-percent share of the New York audience aged 25 to 54 in Winter 2005. That number is the latest in a nearly year-long decline.

That last number surprised some observers because it showed Air America faltering in October and November 2004, the period when the presidential election was reaching its finish and political passions were presumably at their highest. But even then, Air America's decline continued.

One may be tempted to discredit this article since it is the National Review. But Arbitron numbers are Arbitron numbers, no matter who reprints them.

The Franken adventure in radio is failing miserably. I have a theory as to why. Most hard core lefties, as well as Air America, have only one message. Bush is corrupt. Even for those that subscribe to this view, who wants to listen to that message all day? Or maybe its the face paint and green hair.

In Sports:

BCS Wants New Poll to Replace AP Rankings

'Beginning in the 2006 season, there will be a new game to determine the BCS national champion, a contest separate from the four existing BCS bowls — the Fiesta, Orange, Sugar and Rose. In essence, it means that two more schools will qualify for a BCS contest.'

Alright guys, you are one step from doing this right. Just wait to make the final decision on who plays in the new Championship Game after the other four BCS bowls are played. Please, I am begging you. Anytime an SEC team is undefeated and can't play for the Championship, it shows the whole system to be a sham. You are so close. Just make that final leap. I might even watch it this year if you do.

Nats 0, Phillies 3
Braves 8, Mets 4