Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sam Mills

I realize I am outing myself as a non-Skins fan, but I have to pay my respects.

Panthers coach Mills dies at 45

"I remember him being the toughest little man I've ever seen in my life" Rickey Jackson

"Sam was one of the finest people you will ever meet." Carolina general manager Marty Hurney

"He's definitely the best coach I ever had" Will Witherspoon

"Sam Mills was not only one of the finest football players that I have ever been around, but above and beyond that he was one of the finest individuals," Dom Capers

"one of the toughest defensive players in pro football pound for pound that I've ever witnessed." Kansas City chiefs president Carl Peterson

"he told us that the way we played inspired him to keep fighting. I think it was the other way around. We were able to draw a lot more from him than he did from us." Jake Delhomme

"Thank you" TWR aka TS