Monday, April 25, 2005

LA Times Gets a Clue

If there is one issue that should stretch across party lines, it’s our illegal immigration problems. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one railing against illegal immigration and the lack of a federal response to it. I just never thought it would be the LA Times.

Illegal Immigration Fears Have Spread

'across the country there is a growing populist movement also taking matters into its own hands.'

'In Washington, Colorado, Virginia and elsewhere, grass-roots organizations are forming to pass initiatives and pressure politicians into enacting laws denying benefits to illegal immigrants.'

"The reason for this movement is that people have lost hope that the government is going to do its job," she said. "The people in Washington are listening to their contributors who are businesses, and businesses, almost without fail, want illegal immigration."

I find the following statement perplexing. What is this, a membership drive?

'The Catholic Church will begin a public relations counteroffensive next month against those calling for tighter border controls.'

I think the LA Times is reading this blog. I think I’ll toot my own horn.

'Though Democrats have traditionally held more liberal views on immigration, the issue is splitting the Republican Party.'

I have heard it’s a sign of mental instability when one starts quoting himself. So be it.

McCain’s Boneheaded Immigration Plan

'Immigration is the one issue that can potentially split the Republicans. These guys had better get it together come election time.' -- Tran Sient

Sometimes it's nice to have company.

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