Wednesday, April 20, 2005

EU Should Claim Western China

Based on the Chinese propensity to claim every island within 1500 miles of the Chinese coast as Chinese territory justified by ancient artifact finds, it would be in keeping with their standards. I suspect the French will move on this within the next week. This new information is indeed interesting.

Genetic testing reveals awkward truth about Xinjiang's famous mummies

‘The research, which the Chinese government has appeared to have delayed making public out of concerns of fueling Uighur Muslim separatism in its western-most Xinjiang region…’

That’s not what bothers them as the Uighurs only appeared on the scene in the 9th Century AD. It’s the insult that a bunch of guys that could pass for locals in an Irish pub were passing pints around 1000 years before the Chinese showed up.

"From the evidence available, we have found that during the first 1,000 years after the Loulan Beauty, the only settlers in the Tarim Basin were Caucasoid."

'Yingpan Man not only had a gold foil death mask -- a Greek tradition -- covering his blonde bearded face, but also wore elaborate golden embroidered red and maroon garments with seemingly Western European designs.'

Not mentioned in this article is that one mummy was 6’6”, and could have played small forward for the Celtics.

Disclaimer: Having received two emails berating me for advancing western aggression on China, I can only state that sarcasm doesn't translate well. I am not advocating any aggression on China, at least not until they invade Taiwan, which is still a good five to ten years away.

In Sports:
Nats 2, Braves 0
Zach Day pitches 7 scoreless innings. That should improve that 9.00 ERA.