Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ted Kennedy’s Hole in the Ground

Federal Gov't Investigates Big Dig Leaks

"While the authority has said its contractors, and not the taxpayers, will pay to fix all the leaks, we are not entirely confident of this,"

The project was originally estimated to cost $2.5 billion and be completed by 1998. This hole in the ground ultimately cost taxpayers $14.6 billion. Now the tunnel is falling apart and federal taxpayers will be asked to pony up again! How many times can they go back to the well? When money for the Big Dig was debated on the Senate floor in 1991, Senator Edward Kennedy stated,

“There is no intention of repeating or coming back for additional resources.”

In the mean time, the combined forces of Maryland, Virginia and DC have to beg and plead for $900 million in federal funding for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project, before this ancient artifact falls into the Potomac. Its only the main north/south artery on the East Coast.

Thanks Ted

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