Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Studies 'Could' be Wrong

But some could be right.

Study says earth-penetrating nuclear weapons 'could' kill more than a million people

Or maybe they couldn’t! I’m writing my own study called ‘Some People Who Write Studies Could be Clueless’

"For attacks near or in densely populated urban areas using nuclear earth-penetrator weapons on hard and deeply buried targets (HDBTs), the number of casualties can range from thousands to more than a million, depending primarily on weapon yield," the report said.

Or they can range from 1 to 1999. Or the number could be 2000 to infinity, as the study states. And this somehow differs from other nuclear (or should I say nucular) weapons? Here I was thinking we were trying to build bunker busters. It never dawned on me that the real intention was to develop non-nuclear nukes.

And, of course, we must state the reverse.

"For attacks on HDBTs in remote, lightly populated areas, casualties can range from as few as hundreds at low weapon yields to hundreds of thousands at high yields and with unfavorable winds," it said.

So in lightly populated areas, the casualty count can range from 200 to 999,999 if I am reading that right. But this also means it can range from 1 to 199. Or it can range from 1,000,000 to infinity.

"It is beyond me as to why you are proceeding with this program when the laws of physics won't allow a missile to be driven deeply enough to retain the fallout which will spew in hundreds of millions of cubic feet if it is a hundred kilotons," said Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat, told Rumsfeld Wednesday.

Finally, someone who knows what the laws of physics won't allow, as well as what these nukes will do. I think she missed the point though. Someone slipped her the memo on non-lethal nukes.

Rumsfeld replied: "It seems to me studying it makes all the sense in the world."

I knew it could lead to more studies! Or maybe it couldn't. Who knows. No wonder no one could ever figure out what the definition of is was, or is.