Saturday, April 30, 2005

AP Forgets About Term Limits

A Rocky First 100 Days for New Bush Term

One hundred days into his second term...

Nobody cares about the first 100 days of a Second Term. Why was this article written? Why does the press keep acting like Bush is running for president again? Why does the AP expect anyone who reads this to believe they are more than political hacks for the Democratic Party?

'Now he's trying to sell a Social Security plan that would cut future benefits for all but low-income retirees' No one is counting him out, three months into his second term. He has time to recover and opponents have learned not to underestimate him.

Recover from what? In time for what? He’s not running. His numbers are down, so what? His opponents are in much worse shape. Did I mention that he is not running for office again?

Democrats in Congress have proven to be a more effective force than anyone expected, standing united and combative in opposing Bush's judicial nominees and his plan to create private investment accounts under Social Security.

Oh yea, thank you Democrats for looking out for me. Retirement? We don't need no stinkin retirement. But lucky for you, the Associated Press is right there to cheerlead for you and call it news. Why is the AP allergic to the word filibuster? This is written as though Democrats have done something valiant. How hard can it be to invoke a rule?

In contrast with the Democrats' unity...

That’s just funny.

Hey, since we are all beating up on Bush today, why not me?

Kids, We're Goin' to the Foreign Debt Museum!

I'm thinking we could use one of these here, maybe as a wing of the Smithsonian.

Three years after staging the largest debt default in modern history, Argentina Thursday opened what may be the first Museum of Foreign Debt to teach people the perils of borrowing abroad.

I'm surprised a government is willing to highlight its own ineptness like this. Then again I've never been to the Clinton library.