Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bye Bye Italy

It was fun while it lasted.

Italy Report on Killing Goes Public Monday

I am looking forward to this report. Here is my guess as to how the conflicting reports will go:

American Report: We have multiple eye witnesses that can attest to the fact that the car was traveling close to 60 mph. We have satellite tracking that will confirm it. We were never informed that the Italians were en route to the airport…etc…

Italian Report: We have several witnesses that confirm that the auto was not traveling in excess of 30 mph. One of them happens to be a Communist journalist that hates America, but we are inclined to believe her. It is obvious that this is a CIA plot to kill Communist journalists. We don’t really believe that, but our rabid press and left wing congress will never go for it unless we lend some credibility to their conspiracy theory. We are going to open a criminal investigation.

Italy Backs Criminal Probe Into Agent's Killing

And to what end? Will they prosecute American soldiers for murder? Refer it to the ICC? Ensure that US relations are severely damaged? Never mind the fact that Italy was promoting terrorism by paying for hostages. Its time for Italy to join the South Koreans, Philippines and Spanish in letting their radical press dictate foreign policy. Better to ‘go it alone’ than deal with these issues every other month from weak kneed governments beholden to reactionary press releases.