Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Italian Report: No Details, No Clue

Italy Faults U.S. in Agent's Iraq Death

'The investigators found no evidence, however, that the March 4 killing of intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was deliberate.'

But they are going to continue to make a major issue out of it and do some serious damage to US relations.

'The Italians contended that the whole truth about the shooting would never emerge.'

Leaving an opening for the press and politicians to continue the conspiracy theory indefinitely.

'The Italian newspaper La Repubblica said Tuesday the Italian report failed to give clear answers. "There are such embarrassed and tortuous answers, they give such little consolation that one wonders if it was really worth doing a counter-report,"

Translation: The Report didn’t give enough red meat for the left wing headcases to jump up and down and throw a political tantrum.

'The Italian report described as "emotionally biased" U.S. soldiers' descriptions of the speed, saying their versions ranged from 50-80 mph.'

Only US soldiers were likely to be ‘emotionally biased’. The eye witnesses in the car, which are the only evidence the Italians have, have no emotional bias at all. One of them is a left wing Communist nut, but hey, she is certain to be telling the truth.

'Rome prosecutors are conducting their own probe, and any conclusion that the U.S. soldiers bore some blame for Calipari's slaying could prompt criminal charges.'

Go ahead, make my day.

'This could aid the Rome prosecutors in pursuing any demands the Americans be tried for their role in the shooting.'

How can the Italians admit that there was no intentional shooting yet continue with a criminal probe? If they press any criminal charges, the US is going to tell them to pound sand. I believe this is what the Italian left wants. It will lead to another round of America bashing and a major international dispute. Berlusconi had better turn this thing off as soon as possible. It will be very good for his opposition, yet very bad for his country.